More situations

Former Tenants, oil on canvas, 42 X 56″

Taking a cue from double exposures, which remind me of parallel realities, I painted a room along with partial figures moving through it without feet. While working on this, I began to think of people who have inhabited my room in previous years, and the figures took on more of the look of servants to the wealthy. Also used are artifacts that I have observed on television.


Cool Hand Luke, mixed media on paper, 20 X 30″

The underpainting is more violent and gutsy. Each layer refined the image, bringing it closer to the way a camera teaches us to see. I think the movie was in black & white and in this it is drawn over an orange ground. Sometimes it seems that subjects I paint have something to do with things I am going through in my personal life but those thoughts never occurs to me until well after the work is completed.

Zulu Gate

Somewhere in Vermont

Illusions- Bucerias, digitally composed photography and graphics. Prints up to  24X36″

Layering 35 simplified illustrations of optical illusions, and 5 photographs of street cooking in Bucerias, and using layer modalities and transparency sliders in Photoshop,  along with other compositing tools, created a digital quilt totally without meaning but kinda grounded in the cook, who was sullenly cooking intestines while his mom prepared the rolls.

TV Room

Joey & Penny


Musical Chairs


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