Meanwhile, oil on modeled gesso on canvas,  36 X 50″

Staring at the surface of the ocean is not unlike staring at the surface of a TV screen— light bends and loops and arranges itself into patterns that quickly disengage and reform. In “Meanwhile, I painted a water surface onto wavy, modeled ground so that both actual surface and image were moving in different ways, hoping the mix would perhaps gestalt. This image is actually a frame for an inner image (one of the pregnant paintings). The center image shows a fragment from the destruction of Tokyo in an early Godzilla classic. I have no idea what the billboard says but I like the mix of warm fire colors surrounded by cool water colors.

Ethnic Geometry, oil on canvas,  42 X 50″

Ethnic geo takes two architectural structures that are both recognizable even to people who have never been in one, (plains pole lodge and a Sudanese mosque, I believe) and rescales them for comparison and puts them both in rectangles of equal proportions to arrive at a composition that is formal in shape and in color. A modernist composition, possibly loaded, but I like it anyway because while the color is very active, the composition is static and relaxing.

MUSICAL CHAIRS,  Oil on modeled gesso on linen with galvanized steel and organ reeds,  25 X 31″

Walking across 125th street early on a Sunday morning, I found this busted up organ on the sidewalk. Good thing I carry a screwdriver. I reduced it to the essential parts that actually make the notes. One of the images that I had been working with fit the idea of being musical. I had painted a shot of a chair from outside the elevators in “The Shining” onto a deeply corrugated and waving surface modeled with gesso; and the waving chair already resonated like a soundscape. It was then simple to design a galvanized frame to include the working parts of the old organ. The frame can be played by blowing on it or by plucking it.

Morning News, oil on canvas, 28 X38″













  • Former Tenants, Oil on canvas, 42 X 56″
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