2 landscapes

Red Tree, oil on wood panel/layered canvas,

I started with an image shot by Carleigh Wahmberg, which she gave me permission to use. What interested me in the picture is that I had been trying to get the same lighting situation (in the southwest) but she caught it with trees, which filtered the color and broke the sunlight into frequencies, like a prism. I changed the proportions, making it wider to get more space for the color changes and I exaggerated the color shifts because those were the part that I found to be the heart of the image. I have always liked Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill”, and hoped the arms of the trees and the reach of the light could similarly say “you’re coming home”.


Coyote Canyon oil on prepared panel, 18 X 36″

after a hike into the Escalante, Utah. Where canyons tend to be one open spot, leading on into another, endlessly downstream.