halation and blumeing in pre-digital television

Golf Crowd

In “Golf Crowd” I have blown up a snippet of a still I took from a Sunday televised golf match, at the point where the camera pans over the crowd. These shots are likely to let us know the popularity ofthe game, as well as the temperature outside. For me, these low-resolution shots are great for showing halation and video artifacts like blume-ing in a way that makes them seem logical.

Japanese Stadium

There is just enough information in “Japanese Stadium” (oil on canvas) to see where the stairs are and at what angle the seating curves. You could take a piece of chalk and draw two diagonal lines from top left to bottom right to indicate the stairs, which are full of standing people, and the stadium seating curves gently from lower left to center right. In post-war Japan, people wore white hats in the sun and if they did not have a white hat, they wore a white cloth on their heads, which makes for a coded looking pattern.

Osaka Baseball

They cover their heads with towels when it is too sunny.

Reason to Believe

Waiting and Watching

Progression – second panel





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