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Lets allow Tupac to stand in for the 90s

Prints anyone??

Any image on this site can be printed for you on your choice of substrate

(for example- on glossy paper 13″ X 19″ —and mailed straightaway—

or half-size giclee on canvas with “canvas wrap” and protective coatings.)

If interested, please e-mail me. Most originals appearing here also continue to be available as original oil paintings too.


 Tupac, Acrylic on paper-covered aluminum panel, 18″ X 24″

Researching Tupac,for a portrait, that I wanted to be an Icon for the 90s, I found hundreds of photos, many in the public domain, but none of them was exactly what I was searching for. I wanted person separated from context. The image used for this portrait was derived from frames of a pan on a TV station video that I pieced together in Photoshop and reduced for a painting source. I used acrylics to paint it instead of oils because they lend themselves to rougher passages and are more resistant to polish. However, earlier versions were very rough and closer to the tone of his more famous songs. The roughness was lost to overpainting it. Thus, I will need to do another Tupac. This one, however I like for the eyes which are both different like east coast / west coast, .. mama’s boy / soldier, .. neighborhood kid / superstar. Remembering the 90s like that. . .




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